Our Mission

MARO began with a simple mission: to create organic cotton toe socks.

I started wearing barefoot shoes a couple of years ago, but didn't see much progress until I started wearing toe socks. Regular socks that pushed my toes together prevented me from taking full advantage of the wide toe box in my barefoot shoes.

I began wearing toe socks from a leading brand, while also becoming more aware of the kinds of materials I was wearing. I learned that polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibers come from petroleum and contained endocrine disruptors, toxic flame retardants, and other dangerous additives. I also learned that these plastic fibers damage the environment, shedding hundreds of thousands of microplastics each time they're washed.

As I began to replace the synthetic items in my wardrobe with natural fibers, there was one key piece I couldn't find a replacement for: my toe socks.

So I decided to bring them into the world.

After a year of development (and manufacturing and shipping delays), MARO Organic Cotton Toe Socks are finally a reality.

But our mission doesn't end there.

I learned a lot about the clothing industry while I was developing my first product.

I learned about materials, certifications, sourcing, and all the stuff you'd expect someone to learn.

But I also learned about just how inefficient, wasteful, and careless the current apparel production system is.

I learned about how the fashion industry produces about 100 billion garments a year, 60% being made from synthetic fibers, but only recycles about 1% despite the fact that we have enough source material to clothe the next six generations.

I realized that I had to create a brand that not only uses natural fibers, but works to solve the waste problem. Every MARO product is recyclable or biodegradable and made only with naturally-derived fibers. No plastic bottles or soup cans.

Real sustainability is supposed to promote human health and the health of the planet, not make a false choice between one or the other.

In addition to recycling each product through our Circular Promise, we'll also offer several items that use innovative natural fibers like recycled cotton, without blending them with synthetics like most brands do.

MARO is a shortened form of marrow, which means the inmost or most essential part. It also means strength and vitality.

At MARO, we care not only about how our apparel performs on the outside, but what it's doing to us on the inside. It's time for a holistic approach to athletic apparel built with three pillars: performance, health, and nature.

I'm glad you've decided to join us.

- Ian